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[Read] ➳ The Shadows ➻ Jacqueline West –

The ShadowsDie Katze Stand Auf Und Reckte Sich Nur Weil Deine Eltern Dieses Haus Gekauft Haben, Bedeutet Das Noch Lange Nicht, Dass Ihr Hier Bleiben Werdet , Sagte Sie Was Meinst Du Damit , Fragte Olive Ich Meine, Dass Dieses Haus Jemand Anderem Geh Rt Und Dass Dieser Jemand Euch Hier Vielleicht Nicht Haben Will Olive Sp Rt Gleich, Dass Mit Ihrem Neuen Haus Etwas Nicht Stimmt Und Dabei Sind Drei Sprechende Katzen Noch Das Wenigste Was Hat Es Zum Beispiel Mit Den Bildern Auf Sich, Die Sich Nicht Von Der Wand Nehmen Lassen Und Mit Der Brille, Mit Deren Hilfe Man Die Bilderwelten Betreten Kann Als Olive Nach Und Nach Hinter Das Geheimnis Der Villa Kommt, Ger T Sie Selbst In Gro E Gefahr Denn Eine Unheimliche Macht Droht Aus Den Bildern Herauszukommen Und Das Haus In Besitz Zu Nehmen Wird Es Olive Und Ihren Katzenfreunden Gelingen, Die Schatten Zu Vertreiben

[Read] ➳ The Shadows ➻ Jacqueline West –
  • Paperback
  • 224 pages
  • The Shadows
  • Jacqueline West
  • German
  • 06 April 2019
  • 9783499215285

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    Rarely do I, as a male, identify with female characters However, in the case of Olive I was able to lose myself in the story completely Elements of Roald Dahl, Neil Gaiman, and a touch of Madeleine L Engle combine flawlessly to create a story that is both fascinating and engrossing However, it is truly unfair to compare West to other authors without highlighting the fact that while her style and prose are reminiscent of the aforementione...

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    FIRST PARAGRAPH MS MCMARTIN WAS definitely dead It had taken some time for the neighbors to grow suspicious, since no one ever went in or came out of the old stone house on Linden Street anyway However, there were several notable clues that things in the McMartin house were not as they should have been The rusty mailbox began to bulge with odd and exotic mail order catalogs, which eventually overflowed the gaping aluminum door and spilled out into the street The gigantic jungle fern that hung from the porch ceiling keeled over for lack of water Ms McMartin s three cats, somewhere inside the house, began the most terrible yowling ever heard on quiet old Linden Street After a few days of listening to that, the neighbors had had enough.Esteemed Reader, Friedrich Nietzch once wrote, if you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes into you Or maybe it was his sister Either way, I m still not entirely sure what it means But it inspired Hitler, who was a painter In The Books of Elsewhere, if you stare into a painting, the painting stares into you And that ought to be worth an email from author Jacqueline West asking why I used Hitler to segue to her book for children What is it about paintings that so captures the imagination of writers Certainly enchanted paintings have played a central role in the works of Rowling, King, Wilde, Dahl, and many, many others Perhaps it s that the frame of a painting sometimes looks less like the boarder of a picture and like the edge of ...

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    Brilliant debut novel by Jacqueline West I receive plenty of ARC s every year, but very few that leave me satisfied and excited for the follow up SPOILER ALERT This Victorian esque mystery novel has a brilliant and strong heroine in Olive Dunwoody She is an average girl with genius mathematical parents, and she feels her ordinary existence as she moves from school to school for her parents career Olive s parents finally decide to put down some roots, and they choose the most unique, spooky and creepy house to move in to, with Olive having no say in the matter in her parents eagerness to snatch up a house where lonely Miss McMartin died at the age of 104 Olive soon learns that the house is not normal as she begins to sift through Miss McMartin s belongings, coming across an old pair of spectacles that she soon discovers has magical powers, namely to see old portraits and paintings come to life Olive uses the spectacles to enter the paintings, and soon thereafter, excitement and danger lurks in every corner She befriends sweet Morton, a boy who is a part of a painting, a boy who remembers a hazy past, but Olive dismisses him as just a painted figure who wishes for Joining their friendship are the wonderful talkin...

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    Well, this one had great potential Eleven year old Olive and her parents move to an old house that comes furnished with all the previous occupant s possessions When Olive stumbles upon a pair of glasses that allow her to crawl inside paintings, things take a turn for the mysterious Great idea, eh And it could have led to some fantastic adventures, but the author just didn t go there Perhaps if the book had been longer, there could have been some whimsical bits with the paintings, before we got down ...

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    I initially had this book in audio format but felt like I was missing something A quick trip to the bookstore solved that one Don t get me wrong, it wasn t because I didn t enjoy the narrator, I just felt like I was missing out on flipping the pages, looking at the illustrations and reading the words I fell in love with the wonderfully detailed pictures of the McMartin home and Olive trying on long gloves and combs in her hair I was instantly lured into the book by the author s style of descriptive writing and poetic word choices that kept enticing me to continue reading right until the very end I felt that I was able to empathize with Olive and was drawn into her desire to save Morton It was Mrs West s specific word choices that really painted detailed images that brought the photographs in the book of lakes, trees and dark ...

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    If you like The Book Jumper you might like this, instead of jumping in books the main character can jump into paintings The plot was simple and at times it was slow, but it was enjoyable I could tell you the plot but you can look it up on here There were some good and some bad The good, being able to jump into paintings The bad, I didn t really like the ending And there are three talking cats, if y...

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    This volume by Jacqueline West, The Shadows, is first in the series of Elsewhere Right away loved the cover If you see it in person, the cover actually reflects light and looks like it s glowing The drawing is a perfect likeness to Olive, the main character Each illustration is a mix of creepiness and adorability.I am amazed by Jacquline West and her ability to pack in multiple story lines, adventure and several twists with a few heapfuls of angst in 241 pages She tells the tale of Olive Dunwoody moving into her family s first home the McMartin mansion This is no ordinary creepy old house it s a keeper of secret portals disguised as paintings Olive discovers a pair of enchanted spectacles that allow the paintings to come to life when she looks through them and even enters them Olive meets a distraught boy, Morton, in a painting of her own street and works to free him Olive battles the evil that lurks in the paintings in a way that parallels Christianity In order to explain that comparison I d have to spoil the story so I ll just leave the ending for you to discover.I loved Olive s spunkiness in this story When she battles evil old Aldous McMartin, she stubbornly tells him, I am not afraid of you, and later Is that supposed to be scary Because it isn t Even when he induces the feeling of spiders covering ...

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    Olive and her family move into a big, creepy house and as she explores, she finds that the paintings come to life and the cats talk to her The storyline was nice but halfway through the book the pacing started to drag, some things didn t make sense. And I just...

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    Apparently I am on a kick of dark horror like childrens books I am pleased to have enjoyed them.This book though, it is the best of the batch It does have a similar feel of Coraline but it is not Coraline I probably adore this book primarily for being enad with discovery in books and we get loads of that as Olive explores the house and the rules of this for lack of a better term game book I did adore the book, but I was not amazed by it There was an element of the ending coming out from nowhere, and as an adult the ending seems firmly bittersweet I am excited to hear read what comes next view spoiler I kinda want the men and the dog to be moved to the town With some thought I can see how the dog is needed in the paintings than in the real world I suspect that being out of a pain...

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    This is my most favorite middle grade series D I reread it every single year It s spooky, creative, beautifully written The illustrations in the physical copy are gorgeous, and the narration for the audio version is amazing a lonely little girl moves into a creepy old house and slowly begins to unravel its secrets...

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