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[Ebook] ↠ 101 Theory Drive Author Terry McDermott –

101 Theory Drive An Obsessive Scientist And His Eclectic Team Of Researchers Race To Discover One Of The Hidden Treasures Of Neuroscience The Physical Makeup Of Memory And In The Process Pursue A Pharmaceutical Wonder Drug.Gary Lynch Is The Real Thing, The Epitome Of The Rebel Scientist Malnourished, Contentious, Inspiring, Explosive, Remarkably Ambitious, And Consistently Brilliant He Is One Of The Foremost Figures Of Contemporary Neuroscience, And His Decades Long Quest To Understand The Inner Workings Of The Brain S Memory Machine Has Begun To Pay Off Award Winning Journalist Terry McDermott Spent Nearly Two Years Observing Lynch At Work And Now Gives Us A Fascinating And Dramatic Account Of Daily Life In His Lab The Highs And Lows, The Drudgery And Eureka Moments, The Agonizing Failures He Provides Detailed, Lucid Explanations Of The Cutting Edge Science That Enabled Lynch To Reveal The Inner Workings Of The Molecular Machine That Manufactures Memory After Establishing The Building Blocks, Lynch Then Set His Sights On Uncovering The Complicated Structure Of Memory As It Is Stored Across Many Neurons Adding Practical Significance To His Groundbreaking Work, Lynch Discovered A Class Of Drugs That Could Fix The Memory Machine When It Breaks, Drugs That Would Enhance Brain Function During The Memory Process And That Hold Out The Possibility Of Cures For A Wide Range Of Neurological Conditions, Including Alzheimer S Disease, Parkinson S Disease, And Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Here Is An Essential Story Of Science, Scientists, And Scientific Achievement Galvanizing In The Telling And Thrilling In Its Far Reaching Implications.

[Ebook] ↠ 101 Theory Drive  Author Terry McDermott –
  • Hardcover
  • 288 pages
  • 101 Theory Drive
  • Terry McDermott
  • English
  • 21 August 2017
  • 9780375425387

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    One of the best neuroscience related books I ve read, largely because it clarifies in ways rarely done, just how very little we understand about the brain and how it operates We don t have memory chips and no one is quite sure how we remember things And no one really wants to write or read books about what we don t know Each advance is onl...

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    If you are interested in the science of memory, this is a great book.Author follows the research of UC Irvine, neuroscientist Gary Lynch for years as his group makes discovery after discovery.Gary Lynch is an aggressive, arrogant genius.That is actually common.When I was at Stanford and Harvard, I met some geniuses that were like that.They are a lot of fun Some people don t like them because they are nonconformist But is part of th...

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    This is the amazing tale of Gary Lynch, am obsessive, driven, Scotch loving neuroscientist at UC Irvine His lab studies memory and, apparently, has made important discoveries This book covers his research into long term potentiation in memory a persistent strengthening of synapses based on recent patterns of activity It is both exciting and some what disheartening to learn of the awesome potential of human memory identified in intracellular calcium transients left over from primitive olfactory evolution ...

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    We follow the excentric scientist Gary Lynch and his work on the mechanisms of memory Continuously throughout the book we are being told that his work is resisted by other scientists, but the book portrays Lynch as the misunderstood hero rather than actually sh...

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    A bit crass and rambling, and altogether fun.

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    An illuminating look at one scientist s decades long quest to find the actual physical indication of memory in the brain It s written relatively clearly, but you have to sit down with it for extended periods of time if you want to engage the theta rhythm and activate long term potentiation LTP , both of which are discussed in this book, thereby retaining what you learn from its pages.The titular neuroscientist, Gary Lynch, is a colourful character He came to neuroscience from a completely different academic background and essentially taught himself biology His lab is filled with a multidisciplinary team that I think really brings home the benefits of having a wide ranging education For example, one of the lab members was a computer programmer before turning to neuroscience Later on, the team needed a computer program to sort through mounds and mounds of data on rat hippocampi, and commercially available software wasn t cutting it, so this guy wrote his own program to do the job Very impressive, not to mention handy.The team s successes and failures are interesting to read about, and you really appreciate just how much work goes into all of those experiments, and how gratifying it is to see one s experiments turn out successfully Even so, the scientists of Lynch Lab are very pragmatic, usually refusing to believe what t...

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    This was a fascinating biography of an unusual scientist, Gary Lynch I happen to know a few neuroscientists and the most curious things about reading this was how much certain portions of his personality reminded me of them and how none of them had ever heard of him The latter is odd because if this book is to be believed, Lynch is perhaps the greatest neuroscientist of our times easier to say if you consider his arch nemesis not really Eric Kandel to be of a previous time, which he kind of is.I learned a lot about the physiology of the brain from this book, so than my previous favorite book about the brain, On Intelligence, which presented a great theory of how intelligence works, but of a software engineering description than a biological chemical description In this book we not only get down into the nitty gritty of cellular and molecular interaction, but we get to ride along with the scientists as they make the discoveries themselves.I m not sure what to make of this book really I have to admit I m seduced by the character of Lynch He s a Delillo Pynchon reading hard partying but hard working in your face autodidact with a disdain for Ivy Leaguers who tends to be always right in the face of constant doubt and bad luck If I were going to be a scientist, I...

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    This is an incredibly dense book and not one suitable for audio, at least for me While it says it is a biography of Gary Lynch, noted neuroscientist, it is just as much a biography of his life s work Which, I guess in a case like this, makes a lot of sense Problem is, I am not a scientist, let alone anything to do with neuroscience, so much of the science stuff went way over my head I got some of it, but I think going into this book it would help immensely to have a background in the field, at least remotely It s not like a science journal essay, but some of it does get about as dry as a textbook I did enjoy some of the writing about Lynch himself, along with the others in his lab and field of study He has done some pretty amazing work His character is quite a mad genius, which keeps it fairly interesting I also enjoyed some of the look into how the politics of the field of science works Everything from working with the university to get...

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    Though 101 Theory Drive covers a significantly different terrain from that in McDermott s 2005 account of the 9 11 hijackers, the critics proclaimed his latest book a riveting joy ride Oregonian a rollicking behind the scenes tour of modern science, including its egos, contentious debates, funding disasters, and extraordinary advancements The story centers on science, and McDermott, with his crisp prose and clear explanations, skillfully guides readers through this technical but always enjoyable tale However, the true star of 101 Theory Drive is the hard drinking, foul mouthed Lynch, whom McDermott clearly admires Lynch s enthusiasm for his work is infectious, and readers will find much to admire in this riveting, thought pro...

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    Interesting book Accessible for a non scientist, but not always easy reading it takes some concentration sometimes to understand the scientific concepts The main character is definitely a character a sometimes renegade scientist who goes his own way, bound and determined to find something he is sure is there, when everyone else in the scientific community thinks he s crazy But 30 years of dogged determination pay off, and he makes some significant finds The author does a great job bringing out Gary Lynch s personality, giving an overview of the science over the past few decades, and explaining what Lynch has been doing to move...

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