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[PDF / Epub] ☉ The Devil on Eighty-Five (Manny Aguilar, #2) ❤ Clark Lohr –

The Devil on Eighty-Five (Manny Aguilar, #2) Romance Goes On A Date With Crime Fiction In The Devil On 85, The Second In The Manny Aguilar Series Manny Is A Hard Nosed Arizona PI With A Redheaded Pagan Girlfriend He Can T Do Without When An Indian Cowboy Is Accused Of Murdering His Own Wife, Manny Follows A Trail Out The Back End Of The Reservation To Ajo, Arizona, And To State Route 85, A Smuggling Corridor Where Guns And Money Go South And Drugs And Border Crossers Go North Evil Loves Darkness On Highway 85 And The Desert Is The Deadliest Player In The Game.

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    I m an unabashed fan of Clark Lohr s first novel and the The Devil on Eighty Five picks up where his Devil s Kitchen leaves off Lohr s hero, Manny Aguilar, is still a private eye with a talent for getting embroiled in murders that are much than they seem The setting, the Sonoran desert, is harsh and lonely, and than capable of killing you, but it the forces that stalk the desert the cart...

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    We have seen the enemy and he is us, said Walt Kelly s satirically political cartoon character Pogo, which brings to mind that any time the government gets involved in a situation there is bound to be a SNAFU.Private eye Manny Aquilar follows several dead end leads in an attempt to discover who murdered Lois Donahue, the wife of a Tohono O Odham Indian, Donnie, who has recently been released from jail The Native American has been re arrested after all he is the prime suspect, a husband with a violent past but what husband would mutilate his bride in this fashion and burn her body The facts just don t add to Manny.The investigation leads to a town on the rez, Ajo, Arizona where the line of questioning discovers possible reprisals from the cartels over drug and gun smuggling, not a family argument gone awry, and Manny finds himself in a shootout that leaves Lois s sister, Evelyn, dead and Donnie critically wounded.Highway 85, the Devil s Highway that Luis Urrea introduced too in his great book of that title, is a dangerous drug corridor where death awaits smugglers, and money changes hands for the control of the rampant evil between the cartels and those hired to enforce the laws Guns and drugs cross the border for a profit and sometimes private citizens get caught in the crossfire, or become part of the set up, like it or not.Buckle up if you want to survive as Lohr takes us along on this bumpy ride down the Devil s Highway in this intelligen...

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