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Love is a Four Letter WordTake One Rich Girl Who Has A Thing For The Bad Boys.Take One Tough Guy Who Thinks Possession Is Nine Tenths Of The Misery Law.Mix Generously With A Land Dispute And A Whole Lotta Lust And What Have You Got Sometimes Being Bad Can Be Just Too Good To Miss.

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    I have to confess I LOVE Zara Stoneley s books so I was really excited to grab her next release from Harper Impulse And isn t that title awesome Zara s stories are wonderful, and yes, they are SMOKING hot fans at the ready ladies but Zara carries it off in a very classy way Her fluent, assured writing is a joy to read, she draws her characters so well, and her stories are brilliantly satisfying, combining emotion and heat with lovely flashes of warmth and humour.Jake Harcourt, my personal star of Love Is A Four Letter Word, is a hero to die for I guarantee he ll make your knees go weak too Think a guy with gypsy origins who works with horses Zara definitely knows her riding stuff and rips up the tarmac on his motorbikebad boy bikers don t come hotter or deliciously sexy than this one Georgie Hamp...

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    I received this book from the touring host for an honest review As a teenager, Georgie was send away to boarding school after her father got remarried The day her mother had left, changed their world instantly leaving a bitter taste in their mouths This was detrimental to the father daughter relationship and Georgie, now older and back had still issues with this She hated her step mom and the children born from this marriage But perception is an ugly thing when you look at your world with judgmental glasses, not bothering to learn the truth.I really liked the father and Carol, reasonable people that tried to do the right thing with her, but yet she missed it in her adolescent ignorance Due to this, her decisions were flimsy, without thought and volatile to those surrounding her.When she met Jake Harcourt, a very sexy bad boy, biker and horse lover, she met her match Always going for the bad boy image, she soon found that this man was not to be messed with, played with or dictated, which of course leads to explosive encounters between them.In the process the sexual tension erupted whenever these two comes together, not bothering to conceal it, and through it all a story unfolds that was filled with emotional outbursts throughout the story line The land dispute playing a small role as these two were trying to find their feet, and the voice of reason, Rowena offered her help in both their futures Subtly pushing them to commit one...

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    Jane Hunt Writer First StepsJane Hunt Writer Book Reviews Google Georgie s life is fast paced and glamorous She works hard to make sure no one digs too deep and reveals the shy vulnerable woman hiding behind the facade She wants to make her life count but feels unloved and abandoned Beautiful she has no problem finding admirers but they take rather than give and leave her brittle and disillusioned Jake rescues Georgie from a drunken admirer although she insists she didn t need his help except with something of a intimate nature Jake is not her usual type but she can t resist the excitement he promises Jake remembers Georgie as a girl although this hardened party girl is so different from the shy studious girl he remembers or is she A rolling stone Jake realises he wants to discover the true Georgie but will he sacrifice his lifestyle to do it Georgie wants to recapture and relive a time in her young life when she was truly happy Buying the land where she spent the happiest times with her father becomes an obsession even if means clashing with Jake Faced with an unexpected life change Georgia grows up and finds out what s important for happiness The title Love is a Four Letter word intrigued me and I m pleased it did This is an easy to read romantic story The erotic heat and humour enhance Georgie and Jake s emotional journey until ...

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    Ms Stoneley s book deals with one of my favorite themes, that of the attraction between the bad boy and the good girl, and had me hooked from the very beginning From there though things got a bit rocky as the protagonist s daddy issues keep them in limbo when it comes to their futures and their relationship Misunderstandings and stereotypes further work to keep them apart but don t dilute the sexual tension that leads to repeated steamy and intensely erotic encounters.Georgie grew up quiet in a world of the rich until the day her parent s broke up and her world collapsed She became completely different from then on, a woman of numerous sexual encounters with no desire for the lie of love She s become hardened and desperate to regain the happiness of her youth which puts her in a battle with the boy from the wrong side of the tracks, Jake He too is trying to find the happiness that was lost in his youth but is hesitant to commit to any one thing for fear it will be taken away again These two hurt and lost souls engage in a lot of rapid fire verbal banter full of sexual tension but I never felt a strong romantic connection between them Georgie remains too demanding and slightly arrogant to let Jake in completely and he seemed too apathetic to become too committed to Georgie I enjoyed the depiction of small...

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    4 STARS FULL REVIEW Clickety click ARC PROVIDED BY AUTHOR IN EXCHANGE FOR AN HONEST REVIEW Fun and simple romance I absolutely adored the characters, their independence, their determination and their connection Their story is not as angsty as romances I ve read before and I definitely enjoy a slower paced story once in a while.Let me just start by saying that Jake is hawwttttt I m swooning over Georgie s description of him This guy was trouble with a capital T Otherwise translated as yum, with a capital Y. Both characters are extremely independent They re so strong with pasts that are holding them back However, as their personalities change and their characters develop, they learn to overcome their fears and troubles in order to be together But their banters Too Freaking Cute.They re so comfortable with each other No buts Georgina Except maybe this one A firm hand landed on her ...

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    4 5 eggsLove is a Four Letter Word is a enjoyable read The characters seem to all have their own motivations, their own pasts, and their own three dimensional outlook on life I really enjoy reading a book where everyone seems very real and genuine.What drops it down in rating for me, is that the main character seems to simply be motivated at times to be bad, or to be rebellious The story falls flat in those areas There is also a section in the book being vague to avoid spoilers where the main character, Georgie, makes a huge assumption that I don t see her making.Georgie and Jake have great chemistry, but when it comes to a love connection building throughout the piece, it left me wanting to see of a build.I m also left wondering how the secondary characters knew so much about the two I know that small towns like to gossip, but it left me wondering...

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    Georgina has been craving the love and affection of anyone who can give it to her for years as when she was younger , her mother left and her father remarried Carol the evil stepmother and set Georgina off to boarding school Now years later, Georgina is back in town and working at a bar and her family s business She is no longer the girl she was when she was last in town , she has changed from a Swot to Party animal and a girl looking for a good time to hide her true feelings One night after a bad date goes wrong, she is in the need for a hero her dark knight He comes in the form of Jake a guy from her past , he was the bad boy and her of course the rich Swot Now with a challenge on her hand, she needs Jake to model for her business Jake reluctant to do it, strikes up a deal her help for six weeks and he will do the photo shoot Geo...

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    A story with a little bit of fluff, Love is a Four Letter Word is a tender romance with a little bit of sex Not so much erotica as dirty romance , this book follows the adventures of two very different people, and their rolling journey through self discovery and personal growth.There ...

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    Gorgeous hero and a heroine you can relate to Can Georgie and Jake make something out of their memorable encounter on his motorbike Lovely characters and a good storyline would recommend for some sexy escapism.

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    4 1 2 stars

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