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[BOOKS] ✮ The Icarus Girl ✸ Helen Oyeyemi –

The Icarus GirlJessamy Jess Harrison Is Eight Years Old Sensitive, Whimsical, Possessed Of An Extraordinary And Powerful Imagination, She Spends Hours Writing Haiku, Reading Shakespeare, Or Simply Hiding In The Dark Warmth Of The Airing Cupboard As The Child Of An English Father And A Nigerian Mother, Jess Just Can T Shake Off The Feeling Of Being Alone Wherever She Goes, And The Other Kids In Her Class Are Wary Of Her Tendency To Succumb To Terrified Fits Of Screaming Believing That A Change From Her English Environment Might Be The Perfect Antidote To Jess S Alarming Mood Swings, Her Parents Whisk Her Off To Nigeria For The First Time Where She Meets Her Mother S Family Including Her Formidable Grandfather Jess S Adjustment To Nigeria Is Only Beginning When She Encounters Titiola, Or TillyTilly, A Ragged Little Girl Her Own Age To Jess, It Seems That, At Last, She Has Found Someone Who Will Understand Her But Gradually, TillyTilly S Visits Become Disturbing, Making Jess Start To Realize That She Doesn T Know Who TillyTilly Is At All Helen Oyeyemi Draws On Nigerian Mythology To Present A Strikingly Original Variation On A Classic Literary Theme The Existence Of Doubles, Both Real And Spiritual, Who Play Havoc With Our Perceptions And Our Lives Lyrical, Haunting, And Compelling, The Icarus Girl Is A Story Of Twins And Ghosts, Of A Little Girl Growing Up Between Cultures And Colors It Heralds The Arrival Of A Remarkable New Talent.

[BOOKS] ✮ The Icarus Girl ✸ Helen Oyeyemi –
  • Paperback
  • 320 pages
  • The Icarus Girl
  • Helen Oyeyemi
  • English
  • 10 August 2017
  • 9780747576372

    10 thoughts on “[BOOKS] ✮ The Icarus Girl ✸ Helen Oyeyemi –

  1. says:

    okay so the ending who knows but the rest of the book had a lot of enjoyable writing its true it was predictable and there were some inconsistencies, but then i realized she was 17 when she wrote this, so i ...

  2. says:

    My final feelings about this book couldn t be any farther from where they started I selected this book as one of the latest piles for a speed dating project, and after 50 pages I wanted to put everything else aside and immerse in the story The writing of the young girl Jessamy and her mysterious friend grabbed me it felt new, different, fresh.Somehow along the way it grew tiresome I think perhaps the idea made a better short story and it...

  3. says:

    Oyeyemi wrote this whilst still doing her A levels at the age of eighteen It is an interesting exploration of a troubled child looking at imaginary friends, mental health vs normalcy, identity, twins, loss and conflicting cultures Ambitious for a first novel It revolves around Jessamy Harrison the child of a Nigerian mother and an English father She is eight years old Jessamy is quite precocious for her age, but she is also prone to difficult behaviours Whilst in Nigeria Jessamy meets a friend called Titiola named TillyTilly by Jessamy a friend no one else seems to be able to see who can make things happen and do things no one else can going on rides in the fairground when it is closed for instance TillyTilly can also affect other people as well For some reviewers the relationship with TillyTilly moves the book into the horror or supernatural genres I understand why this is A girl was standing silently above her, looking down at her with narrow, dark eyes so dark that, to Jess, lying on the gro...

  4. says:

    As an English teacher, I spend a lot of time being told to tell teenagers that the only important West African author is Chinua Achebe Having long believed that Benjamin Oke and Sole Woyinka prove that wrong, I ...

  5. says:

    I didn t go to sleep the night I finished this novel I got into bed and attempted to read my chapter or two and ended up reading until I was doneat 5 o clock in the morning Every time I finished one chapter, I had to read the next and then the next But nothing ever happenedother than extreme creepiness due to the main character, 8 year old Jess s evil creepy alter ego spirit imaginary friend of the same age I had way too many questions when this story was done I mean, I like it when the story kind of stays with you at the end and gives you things to think about, but this story just seems unfinished Like the author got tired after the first half and neglected to revisit characters and events that were developed and foreshadowed earlier Actually, I think the foreshadowing was all in my headpart of my need to know my refu...

  6. says:

    While this debut novel is certainly an impressive achievement for an 18 year old writer, it s hard to escape the conclusion that purely on its own merits as a book, it s rather flat Apparently partially inspired by the author s own troubles as a child, the story centers on the psychological problems of 8 year old Jessamy The lonely only child of a Nigerian woman and English father, she lives in the suburbs of Kent, England, and we meet her for the first time as she hides in a linen closet The set up is pure gothic lit, little Jessamy has been experiencing unexplainable fevers and tantrums and is considered weird at school Events are set in motion when her family takes a trip to Nigeria to visit her mother s relatives There she meets a local girl her own age named Titiola aka TillyTilly whom she befriends and who shows up on Jess s doorstep after they return to England But is TillyTilly real Oyeyemi is being deliberately ambiguous with the material, but as TillyTilly becomes and a part of Jess s life, and goads her into acting out, the reader is forced to make a decision as to how to read the increasingly sinister events One option for the reader ...

  7. says:

    This is an exquisite examination of the mind of an imaginative child, with just hints of otherness around the edges The child and her thought processes are amazing and Oyeyemi s ability to maintain a certain ambivalence is remarkable.

  8. says:

    If you believe there is a fine line between madness and psychic abilities this is a fascinating look at one troubled young girl s life Well worth the read even if you don t hold those beliefs.

  9. says:

    3.5 stars, rounded down for the ending, which felt too rushed and a bit too inconclusive I have shelved this as horror, as it certainly contained some very creepy and downright scary scenes On the one hand, it s a story about a half English, half Nigerian little girl coming to terms with her feelings of not fitting in On the other hand, it s a dark dark tale incorporating some seriously terrifying mythologies This book was written when the author was stil...

  10. says:

    Not my favourite of Oyeyemi s work, but then again she wrote this while studying for her final highschool exams I can barely string a sentence together on deadline at the moment, with no exams in sight and the writing is beautiful and strong in equal measure The only problem is the plot, which has a tendency to tangle in on itself without quite getting anywhere Even the ending is a little flat it needs something , i...

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