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Read ✓ Everything You Need to Know About Latino History By Himilce Novas –

Everything You Need to Know About Latino History The Popular Primer To Latino Life And Culture Updated For 2008 Latinos Represent The Fastest Growing Ethnic Population In The United States In An Accessible And Entertaining Question And Answer Format, This Completely Revised 2008 Edition Provides The Most Current Perspective On Latino History In The Making, Including New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson S Announced Candidacy For The 2008 Presidential Election Ugly Betty The Hit ABC TV Show Based On The Latino Telenovela Phenomenon The Number Of Latino Players In Major League Baseball Surpassing The 25 Percent Mark Immigration Legislation And The Battle Over The Mexican Border The State Of Castro S Health And What It Means For Cuba More Than Ever, This Concise Yet Comprehensive Reference Guide Is The Ideal Introduction To The Vast And Varied History And Culture Of This Multifaceted Ethnic Group.

Read ✓ Everything You Need to Know About Latino History  By Himilce Novas –
  • Paperback
  • 432 pages
  • Everything You Need to Know About Latino History
  • Himilce Novas
  • English
  • 05 September 2019
  • 9780452288898

    10 thoughts on “Read ✓ Everything You Need to Know About Latino History By Himilce Novas –

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    I got to page 330, realized that the endless litany of Famous Latinos continued for 42 pages, and gave up I am willing to believe that the author s heart was in the right place I am willing to concede that I know some things now that I did not know before I read this book But this is not a good book, and I do not recommend it.I really, really hated this book The of it I read, the I hated it, and I will tell you why 1 The book is poorly written The author writes on the level of an undergraduate student, at best Her prose is full of cliches, and she makes her points clumsily and doesn t support them well Any author who uses the phrase Latin spice unironically in a history sociology book does not deserve to be taken seriously.2 The information is poorly organized Instead of presenting her information sequentially, Novas chose a hackneyed question and answer format that quickly becomes ridiculous Why did it take Cubans so long to gain their independence from Spain, and how was slavery a key factor 170 How reliable are Census 2000 figures when it comes to Americans with roots in Spanish speaking Central and South America 242 These are n...

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    Not quite what I had hoped for To close out Hispanic Heritage Month it seemed like it would be a good time to pick up a book about Latino history Author Novas gives us a look at Latino history also discussing the differences and usage of Hispanic vs Latino in the form of a question and answer instead of just a straightforward history Topics like the role of Spain and other European countries , the indigenous peoples, the formulation of the United States and the relationship and the history Latinos have with the country and are all covered In many ways the book was quite useful There s a section on Puerto Rico which was sadly very timely but also quite informative Questions that answer who is X and what role they played give mini biographies of many historical figures that you may have heard of and many you may have not I m of two minds about whether the QA format was best because it both allowed me to skip questions or sections that didn t interest me Latinos in pop culture wasn t something I wanted to read about but at the same time I might have liked it better if it were just a traditional historical narrative But on the flip side, there s there are plenty of downsides This is the 2008 ve...

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    I actually loved this book Okay, granted, like some other reviews it was poorly organized, however, it was still informative, fun, and in respectful disagreement with some reviewers that said that the author was misinformed as to some information such as considering Pancho Villa a hero, because this is written by a Latina, the book is appropriately written Pancho Villa is absolutely considered a hero, by many in fact He is also considered a folk saint Certainly the book is not unbiased, but what is Authors write their opinions and personal feelings into their books all t...

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