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Dissever I Have Ever And Always Been Perfectly And Soundly In Love With Ro Annabel Lee Is Growing Up In The Court Of A Hidden Kingdom, One Shrouded From The Wars That Ravish The Outside World Her Father Is Cruel, Her Mother Is Kind And Her Heart Now And Always Belongs To Her Greatest Friend, Roarke But He S An Outsider, An Unwanted On The Island, His People S Existence The Product Of A Horrible Night Over A Hundred Years Ago A Night When An Age Old Treaty Was Broken When The Sky Rained Fire And The Sea Raged Deadly When Tragedy Strikes And A Horrible Accident Leaves Her Friend Broken And Scarred, Anna Begins To Wonder If The Safety Of This Hidden Island Is Worth The Price They Pay A Price She Herself Is Now Expected To Pay In Full Can She Save Herself And An Island That Doesn T Want Saving To Even Try, She Ll Have To Fight Fate, Defy The Gods And Seek The Help Of An Outsider Of The Love She Cannot Have The One She Will Not Live Without A YA NA Supernatural Sci Fi Romance Based On The Edgar Allen Poe Poem Annabel Lee

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    Thank you, yes, my kind of story I wish I had a dozen like you on my Kindle so I wouldn t have to kick around all dejected looking for something half as charming and engrossing as this.So without spoilers DISSEVER is a book that embraces all your traditional fairytale tropes and trappings but has the wicked sense to incorporate a gothic tone and touch of the macabre It s a foreboding approach to every little girl s fantasy about becoming a queen with a sinister mystery hanging over the heroine s head like a curse.It s a story that makes you wonder and worry while still finding room for attitude, humor and how bitterly wistful love can be for those who don t have the luxury to simply follow their hearts I genuinely felt myself dreading what the outcome would be, which is a nice change when so many books that make happy ...

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    First of all how Tracey Ward isn t a household name is beyond me, because everything she has written so far has blown my mind In fact, I think her books may be slightly addictive than crack.That being said, it didn t take a whole lot of enco...

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    FREE on today 3 6 2019

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    So good I wish it was a series

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    This book was sent to me for free in exchange for an honest review I started off with really high expectations for this book This is a fantasy paranormal romance, based on Edgar Allen Poe s poem, called Annabel Lee, with a twist The supernatural aspect of the story is original and confusing and keeps you guessing The story is set on an island which houses a hidden kingdom with a castle, jousting tournaments and all the other sha bang that comes with a medieval setting , surrounded by violent waters that allows no one to enter or escape the island Without even going into the plot, the setting alone has so much potential However, the book is barely 200 pages, which leaves you desperate for The story was just too short to address all of the answers of a curious reader.Annabel Lee is the main protagonist and the story is told from her point of view for the first 2 parts of the book, before switching to Ro s point of view for the final part Annabel Lee is not a strong female lead She rebels against her abusing...

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    Dissever is a wonderful read I adored it It has everything a person could ask for There s love, mystery, and magic It s witty and charming The characters are well rounded and they have wonderful conversational flow I really enjoyed the flow of the story It moved easily, keeping things moving forward all while not giving too much away too soon The characters, Ro and Anna, were relatable Ro was a playful boy that became such a wonderful calm, powerful man Anna grew into a rebellious woman who wanted to do the right thing They grew, never staying exactly as they were They changed, just like real people do, which is always an amazing feature Personally, Ro is my favorite character in the book He s so knowing but so vague about it You believe him when he says he loves her, you believe him when he does just about anything at all ...

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    This book was really lovely The only problem I had with it was that it was a little too fast So much happened in so little amount of pages, I wish it would be expanded But other than that it was really lovely

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    Dissever, Tracey Ward self published, kindle be inspired by Poeweave the threads of here and theretouched by the romanceThere are some minor spoilers here nothing serious This is my first review of a self published kindle book and it heralds a shift from paper to screen a shift I m not completely comfortable with yet It s interesting to begin the review with that shift, because Dissever is also a book about shifting worlds and shifting ages On the surface it s a story inspired by the Edgar Allan Poe poem Annabel Lee from which the main character takes her name, and the events which help shape her life Transforming a story, weaving in the poem and the wider story of Anna and Ro and Frederick and others, shows a writer who is in control of her work Ward has created a complete story with this pseudo adaptation.Under the surface of the story, there are other examples of shifts though, and these are quite interesting Dialogue shifts between a standard fantasy style a bit removed, a little formal and a contemporary teen speak phrases using like , gentle barbs such as you re such a talker These shifts are a little uneasy to begin with but ...

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    I received this book from the author for free in exchange for an honest review.Dissever is a story derived from a famous poem by Edgar Allan Poe called Annabel Lee There s countless YA being based around actual myths and other fairy tales so it was a little refreshing to read something so detailed that s based from a poem Anna, was to be an unwilling victim to a sacrifice that would either make or break her land Anna s father sees her as nothing than a commodity, a piece he intends to play with as much as he wants if it could get him anything It s because of this sort of treatment from her very own father that Anna has grown to be a feisty woman who learned to stand on her own two feet She quickly learns how to play the game that her father is forcing her to play in Her story really begins upon her meeting with an Outsider, a boy named Roarke who she would fall in love with even if it meant going against everything she believed she must do Despite their differences I loved how well rounded the cast of characters were, and the way they have matured as the story progressed shows a lot of skill in a writer to be able to show a human side in a highly fantasy setting.Despite being based on a poem, Dissever has it s own set of culture and religion that is...

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    Firstly I would like to thank the author for providing me with a free copy of he book in exchange for an honest review.Dissever is a paranormal mystery based on Edgar Allan Poe s poem Annabel Lee.To say that I loved this novel would be an understatement.I love Tracey Ward s writing.There isn t a single book of hers that I have read and not liked.To top it off Edgar Allan Poe is one of my favourite poets.The story is based on a secluded island which has been cut off from all contact from the outside world due to unknown reasons.The protagonist is of course Annabel Lee who lives with her parents in the castle.Her father doesn t love her and she is merely a pawn to him so that he can rise up the ranks.He wants her to marry Prince Fredrick.The story starts off with Annabel as a child and we see her first meeting with Roarke.He is the first friend she makes and their relationship is very sweet.They meet from time to time in the maze in the gardens and it is the only place where she can truly be herself.But due to certain reasons they have to stop meeting and years pass by.We then see Annabel as a beautiful young woman.I loved the secondary chara...

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