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Zucchini Pie When Karen Burnett Receives Word That 100 Year Old Granny Adelaide Is Fading Fast, She And Her Husband Rush To The Hospital To Say Their Good Byes As The End Draws Near, Granny Reveals Her Dying Wish She Wants Each Member Of Her Fragmented Family Present At Her Funeral, As Well As At A Picnic Dinner Featuring Nostalgic Family Foods In Her Last Breaths, She Calls Upon Her Granddaughter In Law, Karen, To Carry Out This Seemingly Insurmountable Task With Cherished Recipes In Hand And A Determination To Follow Through With Her Promise, Karen Sets Granny S Plan In Motion Karen S Husband, Tom, However, Is Less Than Enthusiastic About His Grandmother S Meddling He Hasn T Seen His Father The Man Who Abandoned Tom, His Mother, And Younger Siblings In Decades, And The Years Have Done Nothing To Diminish His Bitterness As The Day Of The Funeral Approaches, Tom Must Decide Will He Allow Himself To Be Consumed By His Anger, Or Will He Embrace The Potential For Peace Zucchini Pie Is A Heartfelt Novel Of Connection Of A Struggling Family And The Food That One Wise Old Woman Trusts Will Bring Them Back Together.

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    So many ups and downsWonderful Mormon Christian book I loved all of the ups and downs in this book Wonderful to see how a Christian family deals with mental illness and as their family survives through knowledge and forgiveness and a deep growing love for each other There were...

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    fun book.

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    2nd ward book group Just a fun fast read Lots of good recipes

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    For starters, it is better to read this book when you have a big chunk of uninterrupted time I picked it up in small increments over a two week timeframe and wasn t until the end that I really got into it because of it With it written in sections by characters in the family and their feelings and thoughts during the time of funeral preparations, it was harder to get into than other forms of writings This is why I gave it a 3 instead of a 4 It was a book well worth reading with many valuable life lessons and insight into mental illness.Wow, where to start Granny Adelaide was the one who stepped in to help when her son, Thomas Sr left his schizophrenic wife, and three oldest children, Tom Jr, 12, Mary and Steve and moved to Texas with the babysitter, Rocio and the two youngest children Carrie, 4 and Michael,2 Tom Jr came away from the experience with a resentment toward Rocio and his father and betrayal for being left responsible for picking up the broken pieces His view of what led to the breakup of the family is skewed due to his being involved in school, sports, scouts, and friends than his younger sibling who were around their ill mother and the interference that Rocio gave them from their mother s ravings When Granny dies and asks Karen, Tom s wife to invite all the family including the Texas family to her funeral as a reunion of sorts with family recipes to bring them together, Karen tries to refuse, but Granny can be persistent...

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    Why is that families and funerals always seem to revolve around food Well, at least that s true in this story Just before Granny Adelaide passes away at the ripe old age of 100, she makes her granddaughter in law promise to get the whole family together for the funeral even those who are estranged and she wants the family dinner to be comprised of family recipes Karen sets out to do just that.There were a lot of recipes included and some really look good There were times when I felt that the chapter was written just to get that recipe out there Food was important than people and feelings Yet, there were other times when the characters really seemed to come to life and the reader really got a sense for what makes that particular character tick There were a lot of issues that needed to be dealt with and things were resolved, but it seemed that the problems were wrapped up a little too neatly There were some hard and bitter feelings and after a few pages of tryin...

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    Much beloved Granny Adelaide s dying wish is that her fractured family all gather at her funeral and enjoy a picnic together afterward eating family favorite recipes The rift occurred when her son Tom left his mentally ill wife and three children to run off with the babysitter and his two youngest babies Tom Sr and his divorced wife are deceased but Tom Jr isn t about to forgive the adultery, suffering, and offense even if it was years ago, and that animosity extends to his younger siblings, his father s second wife, and his half siblings Unfortunately, it is his wife Karen from whom Granny extracted a promise to make her plan work I loved all the recipes Karen tracks down for the picnic and the book is worth just having those I felt a bit inadequate compared to the paragon that Granny was can ...

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    This book was a gift from a dear friend who said it reminded her of me since I dabbled with a food blog for awhile I would never have picked it up on my own, but I really enjoyed it Disclaimer I rarely read LDS fiction, because I often find it cheesy and I think I carry around a bias that expects the writing to be sub par That said, I found it completely refreshing to be able to read about a family that is so similar to my own I enjoyed seeing that the way the family dealt with their challenges was so familiar, and that the things that brought them comfort are the same things tha...

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    Families, Funerals, and FoodCan it get any better than that Granny Adelaide is dyingHer last, final wish To have a family reunion as part of her funeral.Including not only the family that was split apart decades earlier, but to also include nostalgic family foods.And none of those cliche songs.As Karen and her family put th...

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    In Zucchini Pie, Karen Burnett is called upon by her granny to fulfill an incredible task to make sure each member of the family is at her funeral, and that they all attend a dinner afterwards that features family foods Despite the many problems involved in this, Karen is determined to carry out Granny Adelaide s wishes, though...

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    This book is well written, has great characters, and makes some good points, but I have ambivalent feelings about it I m not crazy about cookbook novels If I want recipes I ll find a cookbook with pictures The real problem for me is that I ve attended too many funerals in recent years and know too well how painful that period between the death of a loved one and the actual funeral can be Some of the references to one character s mental illness...

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