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☄ World as Lover, World as Self PDF / Epub ✓ Author Joanna Macy –

World as Lover, World as SelfAmazing Book, World As Lover, World As Self By Joanna Macy This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book World As Lover, World As Self, Essay By Joanna Macy Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You

☄ World as Lover, World as Self PDF / Epub ✓ Author Joanna Macy –
  • Paperback
  • 260 pages
  • World as Lover, World as Self
  • Joanna Macy
  • English
  • 19 October 2019
  • 9781888375718

    10 thoughts on “☄ World as Lover, World as Self PDF / Epub ✓ Author Joanna Macy –

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    I was taken by the first section of this book It helped me think harder about forming my own spiritual practice around caring for the Earth.But then it became a long text on the nuances of different forms of Buddhism, and their superiority to Hinduism, and I m not really here for that.

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    The parts of this book that deal with Dependent or Interdependent Co Arising, the history of Buddhism, and the parallels between Buddhism and Systems Theory are very good Joanna Macy s approach to the problem of radioactive waste, however, suffers from her own admitted fear and despair of the issue I m not eager to be critical of that fear radioactive waste is a scary ass problem however, in order to see the issue clearly, I think it s important for readers to be willing to do widen their perspective beyond Macy s The book also suffers a bit from excerpt itis that is, a lot of material has been gathered from papers, articles, and pieces of books that Macy has written Little effort seems to have been put into unifying these pieces for this particular book This is not to say that the pieces contradict each other or make for in...

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    it was this book that brought me back to a respect for, and belief in, buddhism that i had years ago, before i left it and went the direction of the Bible and Christianity and though i am primarily a Christian, i am also a buddhist this book might be considered to be eco buddhist in the sense that it reflects an understanding of buddhism, but also a deep love for the world, the creatures and plants in the world, and a desire to help do whatever possible to help human beings survive indefinitely into the future at one time i believed salvation was my responsibility for myself, to go to heaven now i believe, as the bodhisattva believes, that one s task is to save everyone i believe in universal salvation and when you combine that concept with ecology, then what you desire is for every natural place to survive, with all of the trees, all of the plants, all of the animals, fre...

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    My review World as Lover, World as Self is a uniquely large scale meditation on social justice and ecology This newly revised and entirely relevant book may inspire activists of all causes and backgrounds Buddhist philosophies inform Macy s work, which realistically depicts the world s devastations At the same time, it promotes philosophical approaches to despair, shares heartening poems, and guides readers through meditation exercises For example, she does not shy away from discussing death she situates us as ancestors who must act on behalf of future generations Since I slowed down and immersed myself in this book, I have found my own thinking to be holistic I have been mulling over the intersections of feminist, anti racist, anti poverty, environmental, and holistic health movements As she writes, we can take on isolated causes and fight for them with courage and devotionwe tend to fall into the same short term thinking that has entrapped our political eco...

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    This is an amazing book So rich, so deep, so inspiring Written by an eco Buddhist, who uses her deep understanding of Dharma to mobilize our energies and compassion toward healing the earth I will be reading this book again and intend to attend workshops that the author runs or others run based on her Work that Reconnects I also was so taken with Joanna Macy that I am now reading her memoir She has written other books as well I will be reading them all If you have any itch to do something an...

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    i want to thank Goodreaders for their opinions you ARE this review World as lover, world as self readers responses to Joanna Macy s words This is a collation of and Goodreads readers responses to Joanna Macy s book, World as love, world as self up to Oct., 13 My voice, in italics, structures and adds comments Joanna s voice is mostly indirect, seen through the mirror of her readers readers identified by initials The average reader ratings of Joanna Macy s book were sky high for both Goodreaders n 126 4.35 of 5, and rankers n 11 5.0 of 5 Joanna Macy s work brings my mind, spirit, and action home She writes, The one question threading through my life here on this beautiful Earth is about how to be fully present to my world present enough to rejoice and be useful while we as a species are progressively destroying it This book is my attempt to answer this preoccupation, as well as insight into the relief and guidance I have found in the teachings of the Buddha Intro, p 11 Her words invite us to learn our world anew, to notice, to feel deeply, to change, and to act.Learning from Joanna Macy s words I can t even begin to put into words how important this book is It focuses on ou...

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    The first part of this book is very strong and ahead of its time, which is to say, Macy speaks in terms that I ve only recently heard in common conversation She jumps right into a view of ecology and environmental awareness that is definitely happening now, but wasn t nearly so talked about when the book was written Unfo...

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    Three and a half stars While a lot of the assertions about dharma weren t new to me, I loved her incorporation of systems theory and deep ecology with dharma She wrote about very complex issues in a simple, easy to understand way that I really appreciated This is also a great read for anyone suffering from burnout from confronting, again and again, just how dour a state the world is in right now Learning to accept one s despair and feel compassion f...

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    Honestly, I got 2 3 through and realized I was never going to finish it, at least not by the time it should go back to the library Macy s thoughts are brilliant, and she does a fine job of highlighting climate crisis as a spiritual crisis, and providing ways for us to ent...

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    I started reading this because B finished reading it and was talking with me about depression I came to realize during that conversation that I can work against depression on an individual self level, I could talk all day about that, but that there was something else he was getting at This bigger thing.This book is about a lot of things Mostly about future looking A new idea for me was reinhabiting time to be responsible to future generations I question whether I work for the sake of future generations The author was coming from a place of nuclear waste management activism, which is a totally new and vague thing for me.I realized a lot of the ideas in the book I already have and already came to in my life by my life Kind of in an if something works better you can choose it kind of way I feel grateful when my e...

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